Americans who rely on summer jobs may be out of luck as unemployment rises

Americans who rely on summer jobs may be out of luck as unemployment rises

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - We have some bleak news for people looking for seasonal work this summer.

It looks like we're in for a "summer slowdown."

Unemployment during the coronavirus pandemic is climbing week by week and millions of Americans have been left without jobs.

Now people who depend on seasonal work for income or as a second job to help pay the bills may be in for a tough job search, too.

Here’s Scott Wright, a finance professor at Ohio University.

“Yes, no question summer jobs are going to slow. I know a number of internships with our university students have been canceled. I've even heard of some job offers that were given months ago that were supposed to start in the summer that have been canceled,” Wright said.

The summer job market will look different as we continue to face this pandemic.

“There's just so much uncertainty about when we're going to get back to normal that companies can't really—for one they're closed down so they can't hire you. And even if they're not closed down they have people working from home. And for many people who are new they have to go through training which often involves being with other people in close proximity,” Wright said.

Jobs in tourism, retail, restaurants, bars and hotels require constant contact with people.

These industries are hurting right now and may take a while to bounce back.

“So it’s going to be a very tough next few months for people who are entering into the job market or at least trying to enter into the job market. We’re just on a big pause right now for our economy in terms of new jobs,” Wright said.

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