Cleveland Browns stay tight-lipped on 10th pick in 2020 NFL Draft

Nobody knows what Browns will do

Cleveland Browns stay tight-lipped on 10th pick in 2020 NFL Draft

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Andrew Berry said it himself on Monday.

“I am not going to get into the habit of like coming out on a specific prospect here ... "

And truth be told, it’s not Berry’s job to tip his hand. It’s his job to play it close to the vest. So what are the Browns going to do tonight in Round One?

Nobody knows.

Analytics could rule the day, and they trade down, adding picks along with players, although I’ve said it for years, I’m not a fan of quantity over quality, especially when a team is prepared to compete now.

The Browns may look at this as an expansion roster, but I don’t. Do they have specific, important needs to address, to compete now? Of course they do (left tackle, left tackle, LEFT TACKLE) . But they don’t need to turn those seven picks into ten.

So ... let’s say they stay at #10 in the first round. Is the mammoth offensive tackle, Mekhi Becton, still there? What about the guy who used to block for Nick Chubb at Georgia, Andrew Thomas?

If there’s an early run on offensive tackles, does Jeff Okudah, the tremendous Buckeyes cornerback, fall into their lap?

What about Isaiah Simmons, the phenomenal safety/linebacker hybrid out of Clemson?

And if they do trade down, do they bring Cleveland to Cleveland? Ezra Cleveland, the tackle out of Boise State, who they could land late in Round One?

Then there’s LSU linebacker Patrick Queen, another late first-rounder.

We could throw a dozen more names at you. But only one group knows. And they’re not about to give it away.

“I think there are a lot of good football players in this draft," Berry said. "I am not going to talk specifically about any position. There are a lot of good football players – O line, skill, D line, secondary, linebackers. I think we will have a lot of options for us throughout the three days.”

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