Northeast Ohio specialty shops keeping up with increased demand

People eating in, cooking more

Specialty shops keeping up with increased demand

PARMA, Ohio (WOIO) - “Our volume has increased tremendously,” said Tony Pinzone, of Pinzone Meats. “People are coming and buying orders that are usually twice as big as they usually buy and then there’s more people doing that.”

Shoppers like Scott Doering are indicative of the trend.

“I stock up but I go about every other week,” he said. “It’s still fourteen meals at home.”

Ohio’s stay-at-home orders and the closing of restaurants and bars has created more demand for steak, ribs, pork, hamburger and everything Tony Pinzone sells.

“You take that component out of people’s week, where you can’t go to a restaurant and you can’t go to a bar, they’re working that big white thing in the kitchen called a stove."

Pinzone has closed its West Side Market location temporary as more people apparently want to shop smaller and closer to home but plan to reopen sometime in May when things start returning to normal.

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