Putting modern-day challenges on the mat

John Carroll star wrestler creating new workouts

Sammy Gross

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Training in 2020 requires a lot of creativity. Especially for a wrestler who's used to tossing opponents, not sand bags.

But this is where we are, and where we are is a long way from the NCAA Tournament in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

That’s where Sammy Gross and his John Carroll teammates were on March 12, when they were told to go home. The tournament was cancelled, due to Covid-19.

John Carroll wrestling
John Carroll wrestling (Source: Sammy Gross)

“I think that day, March 12, was probably the highest per capita tears of any wrestler across the country,” Gross says. “It was weird to see all my teammates and coaches crying, hugging. Even opponents. I hugged them and said ‘this really stinks’.”

But you can’t keep a good wrestler down for long, and Gross is a good wrestler. One of the best at 157, with another year of eligibility. In fact, this is a young team. They’ll all be back. Which means, keep training. Even on your own. However you can.

Sammy Gross
Sammy Gross (Source: Sammy Gross)

“I don’t have a rope to climb at my house, but I’ll get creative,” Gross says. “There’s two approaches: I can let it bother me, or I can just have that ‘whatever, I can make my situation the best situation possible’. I can’t let it affect me.

”The ability to adapt can elevate you to the next level,in athletics and life, whatever it is.

“My workouts may not be at the same level as if I had a squat rack, but the ability to adapt is going to propel me further than doing the actual lifts.”

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