Environmental cleaning services recommend pros prep businesses before reopening

Updated: May. 1, 2020 at 2:14 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -As businesses prepare to open up again, they first have to ensure that their space is clean and safe for staff and the public.

Even if your office or workspace has been shuttered for weeks, cleaning professionals say there’s still risk for exposure to COVID-19 once people step foot back in a business.

Operations like EnviroServe are recommending a deep cleaning ahead of allowing people back in.

'It’s important that people understand that it just doesn’t die on its own. It usually takes a set amount of time for it to die on it’s own, or a disinfectant," said Kirk Adams, EnviroServe Director of Planning & Analysis.

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Posted by Jen Picciano on Friday, May 1, 2020

Their SafeSite service uses EPA-approved, hospital grade disinfectant, proven to kill COVID-19.

Their staff, trained in COVID-19 decontamination, works in full personal protective equipment, and uses foggers, to ensure that retail space, offices, medical facilities and manufacturing sites are properly decontaminated.

“We highly recommend that all businesses, as they begin to open their doors, they take the proper precautions and call an environmental services company to go in and properly clean the facility so that they can give their team members and the public the peace of mind that that facility is safe to go back into,” Adams said.

And while many small business owners are used to doing everything for their business own their own, they say because of the highly contagious nature of this virus, this cleaning process should be left to professionals.

“I’d be very cautious moving forward trying to clean this up by yourself. If you don’t have the right disinfectant or the right procedures, you’re putting yourself at risk,” said Adams.

“We encourage the facilities to do an environmental services deep clean to start with. Then they can maintain it with their own staff with the high touch areas as part of Governor DeWine suggestions for back to work,” said Lance Wilcox, Client Services Manager for EnviroServe.

Enviroserve recommends employees handle their workspace, high touch areas and handles multiple times a day on their own, in between regular deep cleanings. Jp 19 news.

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