She was the first to test positive for COVID-19 in her Ohio community, then gave it to her daughter

Updated: May. 1, 2020 at 2:17 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Behind the numbers are real people with real families living with COVID-19.

It has touched the newest member of our news team, investigative reporter Ronnie Dahl.

Her cousin was the first to test positive in her community and it’s believed she passed it to her daughter.

Rayan Hanna is a mother of two daughters.

In mid-March, she was out running errands, when out of nowhere it hit.

“I had a severe headache, difficult breathing, horrible cough and body aches,” said Hanna.

She came down with symptoms on March 14.

When she didn’t improve, she went to the hospital on March 16 and was tested for the coronavirus.

While waiting for results, she was sent home.

A few days later, her oldest daughter Alesha got sick.

“It comes on quick. Like you are standing there and the next thing, you can’t lift your head," Alesha said.

At the time, Ohio’s stay-at-home order had not been issued.

Seven days after her test, Rayan got the results.

She was the first person in Seneca County to test positive.

Being the first was compounded with fear from the community.

“They were threatening to egg us, saying they wanted names and addresses,” said Alesha.

The Hanna family is from Tiffin.
The Hanna family is from Tiffin.((Source: Special to WOIO))

But, eventually the community’s fear was replaced with compassion.

While under quarantine, family, friends and strangers dropped off food and supplies.

It’s still unknown how or where Rayan contracted the virus, but both Rayan and Alesha are grateful their symptoms weren’t severe enough for them to be hospitalized.

While sidelined, they learned to slow down, appreciate family and never take life for granted.

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