Cuellar crushed it at CWRU

Softball star looks back on World Series run

Melissa Cuellar

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Melissa Cuellar is leaving Case Western Reserve University with a degree in accounting, a job already secure, and a ton of memories, in track and in softball.

"We made it to the World Series my sophomore year, the farthest any team made it in Case history," Cuellar told me during a Facetime interview. "That was amazing. I'm getting goosebumps just talking about it, that's how amazing it was."

CWRU World Series team
CWRU World Series team (Source: Melissa Cuellar)

Another thing was amazing. The way she and her teammates handled the abrupt cancellation of her senior season. They only made it through 10 games when they got the word. It only brought them closer together.

"Having my teammates support me and support each other was amazing," Cuellar says. "We were in a roller coaster of emotions."

For Cuellar, it was doubly-disappointing. She had worked her way back from an injury, and was just getting back into the flow.

"I was kind of getting back into the swing of things," she says. "I had surgery in November on my shoulder, so this period was actually getting into live swinging, actually throwing the ball, so it's kind of crazy. I was getting my footing."

Melissa Cuellar
Melissa Cuellar (Source: Melissa Cuellar)

Ask her who her favorite player is, and she'll mention former Stanford star, and current ESPN broadcaster Jessica Mendoza. Asked if she'd like to follow in Mendoza's media footsteps, Cuellar, who certainly has the personality for it, laughs and says that, too, would be amazing.

First, though, there's the Zoom graduation at Case, then the job at Key Bank that awaits. And come October, hopefully an on-campus graduation ceremony during Homecoming.

There's a lot in store for Melissa Cuellar, all right here in The Land. Yep, the Nebraska native has fallen in love with the C-L-E.

“I’m kind of becoming a Clevelander, but I have my Nebraska roots, so I’ll go home often.”

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