Local music venues ask patrons to #saveourstages

Local music venues ask patrons to #saveourstages

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - As more businesses get the greenlight on when they can reopen, many concert venues are still wondering what the future holds for them.

The governor hasn’t announced an official date for large concert halls to reopen and when they do, they’re unsure what that reopening will look like.

“A group of smaller concert venues that are banding together to try and have one voice nationally,” said Mike Miller with The Music Box.

Local venues like Agora, Grog Shop, and Beachland Ballroom, are asking concert goers to #Saveourstages.

“We’re asking them to send a specific message to their congress person or U.S. Senator to point out how critical the small music venues industry is," Miller said describing the initiative.

The Music Box, is lucky in that they have an opening date set; June 18. They are able to set their date because they operate as a restaurant so they’re following restaurant reopening guidelines.

“We could technically be open as [the governor] indicted outside this week and inside next week because we operate as a restaurant," Miller said. "It’s dinner and a show.”

Miller said they’ll be fully prepared to reopen safely when the time comes. He added, they want their customers to feel confident. However, as they look forward, they’re still left with many uncertainties.

“We need to get a better understanding of how they envision social distancing for concerts we understand everything needs to be safe but are we going to be responsible for enforcing it or are our customers going to be asked to self-distance? It’s those kinds of questions," Miller said.

For now, they’re preparing for the June 18 reopen date. Staff will wear masks, sanitize every 30 minutes and overnight, and have health checks. Seating is going down to about half capacity on both levels.

For local venues like Agora and others that do not fall under the restaurant guidelines, they’re still without an opening date.

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