Bedford star catching on with John Carroll

Bearcat heads to JCU on academic scholarship

Collin Kennedy

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Collin Kennedy learned how to overcome adversity as a high school freshman. The Bedford catcher was part of a championship run in the Lake Erie League. Three years later, it remains one of his best memories with the Bearcats.

"Definitely winning our freshman year," Kennedy told me during a Facetime interview. "We came from a few deficits to tie for the LEL, which is something I've never experienced, a big championship game like that. So that was really important to me."

He was hoping for one more run. Not just for him, but for his teammates who didn't experience that success.

"We were all looking forward to trying to get that league title one more time," says Kennedy.

That obviously isn't going to happen, but by now, Kennedy and his teammates and every other high school spring athlete has moved on. Normally, for Kennedy, who plays in Ohio Elite, that would mean summer ball. We'll see.

"At this point I'm not sure," Kennedy says. "I was thinking, yeah, I'm definitely gonna be playing this summer. It's gonna be fun, before college, but now everything's getting cancelled, so I'm not sure I'm gonna play summer ball."

Collin Kennedy
Collin Kennedy (Source: Collin Kennedy)

Well, he will be playing college ball. He's done enough on the field, and in the classroom, to earn a spot at John Carroll. As a player, you might compare him to Yan Gomes, the former Indians catcher now with the Nationals. Tremendous defensively, with a bat that can heat up. As a student? He can crush it as well. He heads to John Carroll with an academic scholarship.

“I feel like I’m most proud of handling all of those all together,” Kennedy says. “I don’t have the best grade point average, but with all the sports I’ve played ... the time management ... figuring out how to keep my grades up ... with all the athletics I’ve been involved in.”

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