Nance “cautiously optimistic” about season resuming

Cavs forward wants to play

Nance “cautiously optimistic” about season resuming
Cleveland Cavaliers' Larry Nance Jr. (22) passes against New York Knicks' DeAndre Jordan (6) in the first half of an NBA basketball game, Monday, Feb. 11, 2019, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak) (Source: Tony Dejak)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A few days ago, NBA Commish Adam Silver outlined a possible return to the court this season. With restrictions, including limited sites, and zero fans in the stands.

On Tuesday, during a zoom meeting, I asked Larry Nance Jr. for his take on that.

“Yeah, um, you got to be bizarre,” the Cavaliers forward said. “I mean, in my opinion, it would take away, we kind of take away home court advantage. You know cuz at least for me playing, playing at home means, you know, when when we go on a run having the fans behind us or when the other team goes on a run. We have the fans that push us forward. So I think, you know, I think that kind of ruins the whole home court advantage ... the whole momentum the adrenaline of the fans being in the building cheering you on is something that can’t be understated In my opinion.”

Still, he says, he wants to play. He admits he has concerns about the virus, and says maybe not everyone should play.

“I know, for me, I’d have to, I’d have to feel very comfortable but at the same time we’ve also got guys like Delly for instance who just had a kid who would have his newborn child with him, like if I were him, I wouldn’t,” Nance said. “I would know I’m not subjecting myself to that because then I can bring home to my family, so while I want to get back tomorrow, I also respect the opinion of guys that you know have bigger things to worry about.”

But Nance wants to play. He says it would take at least a few weeks for NBA players to be ready to truly go again, throwing another hurdle at 'em as the clock ticks...Makes you wonder what the point is, of the Cavs coming back to play out the string...but ... this is what they do. And now, Nance says, this is the longest he's ever gone without being able to do what they do.

Besides, it's not just about them. Nance wants to see a champion crowned.

“If I was LeBron, if I was Kawhi, if I was you know on one of those championship caliber teams I’d be pretty upset about it,” Nance said. “Because it’s very rare in this league that a chance like this comes along and and you know that’s that’s taken a valuable year off someone’s career.”

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