Bedford boy recovering from COVID-19 after being diagnosed before tonsil surgery

Bedford boy recovering from COVID-19 after being diagnosed before tonsil surgery

BEDFORD, Ohio (WOIO) - An 8-year-old Bedford boy is recovering from coronavirus. He was diagnosed after a precautionary test before he was scheduled to have his tonsils removed.

“My son was going to get his tonsils taken out on May 6. He had a pre-op test done for COVID,” his mother Georgeanne said.

That’s when they discovered that despite having no symptoms at the time, Alexander was positive for the virus.

Now, he’s in isolation.

He didn’t start showing symptoms until this weekend.

“It was a real shock to us all when he came up positive,” Alexander’s step father, Randy Rice, said.

Georgeanne said he has a cough and a fever of 103 degrees.

He also has a rash which she says now “is light. He is unfortunately not acting quite as much like a kid.”

This is the second time the family has had to quarantine.

Georgeanne was told she may have coronavirus over a telehealth appointment in March.

Her symptoms turned out to be a sinus infection. So far, Alexander’s is the only positive case in the family. Now they’re trying to care for him in isolation while also keeping his sister healthy.

Georgeanne said, “we do keep him isolated in a room which is kind of hard for an 8 year old.” He and his sister play video games with each other through a glass door.

"It’s hard to distinguish what’s COVID and what’s not so we’re trying to bring attention [to the fact that] your kid could very well be infected under your nose without you even knowing it,” Randy said.

Thankfully, Alexander can recover at home.

But his parents are most concerned about isolation and any lasting effects it may have on him.

They hope Alexander’s case can be the warning any doubters may need to do what it takes to protect yourself.

Georgeanne warns people to “please just wear your masks and your gloves and just listen.”

“We realized it was real at that point we never realized how real it was until it hits home,” she said.

Since this is the family’s second quarantine, Randy has been out of work since March.

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