State beginning to send out Pandemic Unemployment Assistance checks

19 News investigators got answers on when people should see money in their bank accounts.

State beginning to send out Pandemic Unemployment Assistance checks

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Thousands of people are waiting on a payment from the state’s Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program.

Though some people are seeing the word “paid” under their claim status, but they tell 19 News investigators that the money isn’t physically in their bank account.

We found out, that is okay-- the money is on its way.

Restaurant workers like Saundra Rush and Rochelle Vinson are anticipating money from PUA.

PUA is designed for those who didn’t meet the minimum requirements to receive regular unemployment.

After applying for PUA last week, they and many viewers tell 19 News they are approved and set to get thousands of dollars in relief.

“It says it’s going to be deposited on the 20th,” Rush said. “I did direct deposit.”

19 News investigators looked in to what that really means in terms of when people will see the money in their accounts.

According to the state, if your account says “paid” and the amount says $0, you should have the money in hand within 24-48 hours. Once the payment is finalized, that amount will update.

If an account says “paid” with a date by it, the money will go out then and you will see it one to two days after that date.

But what if your account is still sitting on pending?

“I feel bad because i had been one of those people waiting for unemployment,” Vinson said.

Though concerning, the state says the pending status is not a bad thing. It just means agents are still processing the claim.

As long as you received a confirmation claim number, officials say there is nothing more you need to do.

People receiving PUA will get at least 189 dollars per week, but the amount is based on their income before the pandemic.

Also, from April 4 through July 25, everyone who receives PUA also will receive the weekly $600 supplemental payments made possible by the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program.

You can find the answers to more questions about PUA on the state’s website.

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