“A year for a lot of firsts”

Avon Lake lacrosse star looks back ... and ahead

Zak Kovacs

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Zak Kovacs calls this “a year for a lot of firsts”, referring to his Avon Lake lacrosse teammates.

“This year was the first year we were gonna have SWC conference,” Kovaks says. “We wanted to be the first ones to win that. Really, we just wanted to make a playoff run. This was the first year we were gonna be Division one, also.”

But he easily could have been talking about the pandemic as well. It’s been a couple of months of “firsts” ... for everyone. But as things slowly reopen, maybe he won’t have to find an open field somewhere to train. Or lift at home.

"I try to mix it up as much as possible with what I have," Kovaks says. "One day, I'll do dumbbells, either chest or back. Legs. And I'll try to do as much cardio as possible. Running, biking, whatever I can do."

After all, a spot on the strong lacrosse team at Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina awaits.

"Hopefully get in there, work as hard as I can, earn a starting spot as soon as I get there ... hopefully win a National Championship."

One of the most uplifting things I've experienced during this crisis is the positive outlook of so many athletes. They will not be deflated. They will not be deterred.

“You just gotta take it day by day,” the Shoremen captain says. “You can’t look too much into the future because you don’t know what’s gonna happen. Pretty much the unimaginable has happened. You just gotta take it day by day, step by step.”

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