Geneva woman survives 6-week hospital stay and is recovering from Covid-19

Stacey Unsinger says she was honored to appear with Gov. Mike DeWine during one of his daily Covid-19 briefings.

Geneva woman survives 6 week hospital stay and is recovering from Covid-19

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Stacey Unsinger had not felt well for a couple of days, but in just moments she knew there was something terribly wrong as she felt it getting uncomfortable to breath and realized she had developed a fever.

“It was 101.5 and my breathing, it felt like I was drowning,” she said.

Stacey’s husband took her to University Hospitals Geneva Hospital, where in a matter of a day she was diagnosed, she said, with double pneumonia.

Also, her oxygen levels dropped dangerously low and she eventually tested positive for Covid-19.

As her condition deteriorated she was placed on a ventilator and sent to University Hospitals’ main campus.

“I don’t remember, I don’t remember it, and I can only attribute it to possibly the lack of oxygen,” she said.

Unsinger was on a ventilator for two weeks and then in intensive care for another two weeks but she was improving, slowly, and says her first memory is waking up and realizing that she could not feel anything.

“That was my most scary, frustrating time,” she said, “Being in a bed on my back for two weeks and only being able to move my eyeballs.”

But Unsinger continued to improve and was eventually moved to University Hospitals Hanna House Rehabilitation Unit, where they worked with her until she could use a walker to get around and she was released.

She gushes about the treatment she received at UH.

“I believe that they singlehandedly saved my life,” she said.

And Unsinger called it an honor to appear with the governor during his daily briefing, and she did it, she says, to inspire hope in others.

“For me right now, everything is good, everything is good,” she said.

Unsinger admits she considers what the long term implications of recovering from Covid-19 may be but for now she is keeping that in the back of her mind enjoying being home with her family.

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