Mentor venue is confident they can hold weddings and other large events safely in June

Owner says they have more than enough room to throw a party with social distancing

Mentor wedding venue is confident they can hold weddings and other large events safely in June

MENTOR, Ohio (WOIO) - If coronavirus forced you to put your big day on hold, there’s good news: you might still be able to get married this summer, but things won’t be exactly the same.

What should’ve been a busy wedding season for Martin Lamalfa didn’t turn out that way thanks to coronavirus.

“I’m probably over 40 (cancellations),” explained LaMalfa, president of Wyndham at Lamalfa. “It started March 18, so we lost March, all of April, May, June.”

Lamalfa thought the summer might be a bust too, but the governor’s announcement Thursday has him hopeful that he’ll soon have brides in his ballrooms once again

“I think as time moves on, as the weather gets as the level goes down of people getting sick, I think they’re gonna come out and we’re gonna go back to normal,” Lamalfa said.

Ohio leaders say catering and banquet halls can reopen on June 1, so weddings and other large events can begin to take place again, but Lamalfa says so far no one has rescheduled their wedding to an earlier date.

“To be honest with you, it’s very uncomfortable to go to an event right now, we’re growing into our skin I guess you could say. We’re actually able to spread people out, but the challenging part is actually enjoying themselves where they’re here on dance floors and being comfortable enough in their skin to come to the reception, so traveling is challenged,” he said.

The event centers will still need to follow guidelines to keep guests safe, including maintaining six feet between tables, prohibiting congregating, and limiting the crowd size to 300. Lamalfa is confident he has enough room to hold an event with 300 people safely

Wedding ceremonies have been exempt from the stay-at-home order but they were very restricted before now because gatherings of more than 10 people were prohibited.

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