Chef Zach Bruell and Cleveland Clinic partner on establishing safety standards for restaurants

Bruell will open a handful of his area restaurants this weekend, and is taking guidance from the Clinic on the best safety practices.

Chef Zach Bruell and Cleveland Clinic partner on establishing safety standards for restaurants

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Zach Bruell wanted to get his restaurants back open but he only wanted to do that if he could make his staff and his guests feel as comfortable as possible, and to make that happen he partnered with the Cleveland Clinic.

Bruell, his wait staff and Cleveland Clinic Chief Transformation Officer Dr. James Merlino recently went through a series of mock dining experiences to develop the practices he’ll be using when they re-open.

“To me we’re setting the standard and I know other restaurateurs are going to say he’s out of his mind,” Bruell said.

Bruell’s restaurants will require that guests have their temperature taken before being let in the door and menus will be downloaded to your phones. and masks must be worn from the entrance to your table.

“I know that people are going to be skittish, and I just want to go the extra step,” Bruell said.

Diners will find that their table will not be set until they are seated, and every table and chair will be wiped down as guests come and go.

You can even pour your own water and wine.

And while Bruell is doing all this to make people safe, he is well aware that others will not be so accepting of the new guidelines, specifically having their temperature taken before being allowed to enter.

“I understand that people could be a little freaked out about this but once again I think it’s the right thing to do,” Bruell said.

Staffs have been re-trained on Cleveland Clinic-based best safety practices for service, and Bruell says he is taking everyone’s health into account, including his own.

“I am basically playing Russian Roulette and I need a safe environment for myself,” he said.

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