Lakewood passes ordinance allowing restaurants to use public spaces for outdoor dining

Lakewood passes ordinance allowing restaurants to use public spaces for outdoor dining
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LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WOIO) - Lakewood City Council passed an ordinance allowing restaurants to apply to use parking lots and public right of ways to expand their outdoor dining areas amid the coronavirus crisis.

The ordinance was unanimously passed 7-0 during Thursday’s meeting.

Under the ordinance, The Planning Commission shall consider requests for new or additional outdoor seating for up to 30 guests.

However, the ordinance said The Planning Commission may also approve new or additional outdoor seats over the 30 seat mark if the restaurant or bar proves they can adequately comply with all orders form the Ohio Department of Health, provide adequate parking without overburdening nearby residential neighborhoods, and the seats and activity will not have a negative impact on the residential neighborhoods either.

The ordinance states these extra seats may be in parking lots, the public right of ways, and on-street parking.

There are also several restrictions the ordinance lists, including:

  • No entertainment or speakers can be used in the outdoor dining area
  • The outdoor dining area must close after 10 p.m., but The Planning Commission can set an earlier closing time based on the unique aspects of each application
  • The temporary conditional use permit may be terminated if any requirements are not met within 10 days of a notice

According to the ordinance, “This resolution is hereby declared to be an emergency measure necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, property, health, safety and welfare in the City and for the usual daily operation of the City...”

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