How to stay safe while stepping out during a pandemic

(CNN) - You may have been social distancing and staying home for months and feel like you’re ready to venture out.

All 50 states have reopened to some degree. While experts are warning moving too fast could accelerate the COVID-19 pandemic, many are wondering if it is even safe to visit businesses.

There are a few tips to do it responsibly and make yourself safer: Remember to wear a mask, frequently wash or sanitize your hands and any surface you touch and stay 6 feet apart from others.

When going out, don’t go out like you would on a normal day. Instead of going from place to place, limit your outings to one business.

If you feel like dining in at your favorite restaurant, try and eat outside. The virus circulates more in enclosed spaces. Make sure you’re 6 feet from other tables and wash your hands before and after eating.

When heading to a beach or park, read the current guidelines and restrictions. Some places will only let you be there if you keep moving. If it is crowded, find someplace else.

Feel like you need a get a good sweat on at the gym? First, make sure you are far away from others. Wipe down every machine or piece of equipment before and after you use it.

Want to get your haircut or a pedicure? While it is impossible to social distance with employees at places like this, there are some things you can do. Read their safety protocols to ensure they are taking every step to eliminate risks.

Following these tips and taking precaution while stepping out during a pandemic can help keep yourself and others safe.

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