Summit County man now charged with murder for death of newborn daughter after alleged domestic violence incident

Summit County man now charged with murder for death of newborn daughter

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A father is in jail, now accused of murdering his own baby earlier this year.

Akron police say the crime happened during a domestic violence incident.

Officers say that Dana Confere assaulted his pregnant fiance, which ultimately caused their child’s death.

Confere’s public Facebook profile picture, uploaded in just days before the baby’s death in January, shows his arms wrapped around the child’s pregnant mother.

A police report says she showed up at the hospital on January 22 with severe injuries, which were a result of domestic violence.

She was 8 months pregnant, but had to have an emergency C-section.

The Summit County Medical Examiner says the baby girl died from complications because the mother had been “kicked in the abdomen.”

However, the child’s mother is now defending Confere, not wanting us to publicize the details we uncovered in the police report.

Experts say it's all too common theme in domestic violence cases.

Nathan Chambers leads the Summit County Battered Women’s Shelter.

“It highlights for myself and my staff the importance of the work that we do, making sure that people in cases like this do have somewhere to turn to,” Chambers said. “It’s certainly sad and disappointing to hear when we have a case like this close to home.”

Confere’s fiance wants nothing to do with anyone who calls her a victim though. In fact, as we discovered, she is no longer cooperating with police.

When we reached out to her, she said what she originally told officers was “a lie.”

Instead, she says she fell down the stairs that day and that’s what caused her injuries.

As she mourns her loss, she’s now also fighting for her daughter’s accused killer to get out of jail.

“Like I said, it makes you feel really sad, really concerned that things like this happen in our community,” Chambers added.

Police and prosecutors declined to speak with 19 News about this devastating case because it is still pending.

Confere pleaded not guilty to the murder of his child.

He’s due back in court on June 24.

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