Ohio woman sees fraudulent charges on account days after her unemployment application data may have been exposed

No link has been established, but concerns over the data leak linger after Ohio PUA launch

Who's accountable for Ohio's widespread unemployment issues?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A local woman who got that notification that her data may have been exposed during a data leak is experiencing alleged fraud on her account.

The woman can’t say for sure whether the data leak is what led to the fraudulent charges on her account.

But, the issues began days after the state told her the information on her Pandemic Unemployment Assistance application may have been exposed.

“It’s too much,” she said. “This is actually the first time that i have not been crying.”

Bernadette Nolen says she’s locked out of her Netspend account, after someone made $3,000 in fraudulent charges Saturday.

“I have no money at all. It was all on that card,” she said.

Nolen says the thousands of dollars she got from PUA were on the Netspend card.

It's the same account she uses to get her tax returns and her paychecks.

“I’ve had this card for years and nothing like this has happened,” she said.

She filed a police report with Weatherfield Township officers in Trumbull County.

Netspend agents told her it could be three months before investigators determine whether she'll get the money that was stolen back.

“I will take a $3,000 loss at this point, I just want my balance and nothing else to come up stolen,” she said.

Unclear on how all this happened to begin with though, she is really at a loss for what to tell others to help them avoid ending up in a similar situation.

“I’m not even sure, honestly,” she said. “I’m just really frustrated.”

Again, we want to be clear, there’s no way to tell whether the possible data leak led to any fraud.

We did ask the state how many other fraud complaints they've received since the May 15 data leak though.

We are waiting on a reply.

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