19 News shows what it’s like getting through checkpoints

Residents say they are having trouble getting to and from their homes.

19 News shows what it’s like getting through checkpoints

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - There has been a lot of confusion over who is allowed downtown and what parts of the city are closed.

19 News reporter Kelly Kennedy wanted to see what it was like getting through the checkpoints. She didn’t end up having any trouble. Police did stop Kennedy and her photographer, but as soon as they showed them their media credentials, they were let through, but that wasn’t the case for everyone.

One woman in Ohio City told 19 News she is pregnant and needed to get medication. She said she found an officer who let her out, but she had a lot of trouble getting back home and ended up having to park blocks away from her house.

“The problem with the checkpoints is that the state troopers that are operating them aren’t from the area so they don’t really know where the neighborhoods are and where the roads to get to them are,” said Chris Helbert who lives in Ohio City.

Henry Pegues lives in Ohio City but works at a nursing home in Parma Heights.

“I have to be there,” Pegues said. “My residents need me.”

He almost didn’t make it in.

“Police was sitting there,” said Pegues. "I came down 26th it was blocked off, came back Carol was blocked off, Bridge was blocked off -- all the points for me to get out was blocked off this morning.”

He eventually did get to work, but he says it took him an hour, and getting back home was just as bad.

“There was a Cleveland cop that was there, and he gave me a hard time cause he tried to send me back the same way,” recalled Pegues. “I’m like, ‘Dude my street is right here, I live next block,’ so he finally let me through, but still couldn’t get through because it was blocked off. Bridge was totally blocked off and I had to go all the way around to Lorain and the cop told me to go 28th then I got redirected, down another street to hit 32nd to come home and I had to park two streets away from my house.”

Pegues said he plans to leave an hour early for work Tuesday to give himself extra time to get through the checkpoints. As of now, the curfew downtown is set to expire Tuesday night.

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