Protest in Chagrin Falls is canceled but business owners still board up their windows

Landlords and business owners still felt that the safest avenue was boarding up windows and doors after witnessing the damage done in the city of Cleveland.

Protest in Chagrin Falls is cancelled but business owners still board up their windows

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The overwhelming sense on the streets of Chagrin Falls was one of sadness, sadness over the way George Floyd was killed and sadness over the destruction seen in downtown Cleveland over the weekend.

Landlords and business owners stood and watched as multiple crews were in the village, saws buzzing, hammers rattling, in a scene, one resident called surreal, as plywood was placed on the windows of the majority of businesses.

A protest that had been planned by a high school student was canceled, the student said in a Facebook post, because of the “sudden escalation of events that are occurring in our country.”

Janna Lutz owns Chestnut Hill Home, an interior design company in the village, and said it was her landlord’s decision to board up her properties.

“She wanted to make sure that all of her tenants were protected, and she went the extra distance," Lutz said, “We all hope that nothing is going to happen but if it does she’s looked after us.”

George Wright, who lives in the area, says he understands the need for protests and the need for protection for local businesses.

“They’re here for a reason, I hope it don’t become what I’ve seen downtown and in other cities,” Wright said, “I really really hope it don’t be that, and that comes from the heart.”

Heinen’s in Chagrin Falls will be closed on Tuesday and workers out in front of the locally owned grocery store told us they were getting ready to build a barricade in front of the store.

The Heinen’s in downtown Cleveland was ransacked over the weekend as a once peaceful protest turned destructive.

Michael Longo lives in the village and he said he understands the need for protests, but also the need for businesses to protect themselves.

“It’s sad that we’re at this point,” Longo said, “People need to come together and not tear each other apart.”

The organizer of the protest said that he will reschedule when things become less tense and more safe.

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