Cleveland’s Black Shield Police Association speaks out on George Floyd’s death

Cleveland’s Black Shield Police Association speaking out on George Floyd’s death

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - “I’ve never seen anything like that, putting a knee on someone’s neck.”

Vincent Montague, Jr. is president of the Black Shield Police Association in Cleveland. He says if his members see something wrong they should say something.

“It starts with us, and we have to be the leaders in that,” he said, even at the risk of being ostracized.

Black Shield posted this, in part, on its Facebook page:

“We are an organization founded on the values of equal justice in the eyes of the law, specifically racial, economic, sexual and gender-based equality. We, as black and minority officers aim to provide continuous support for our communities—both near and far."

Montague said communicating with the black community is one way to make sure that when something happens they can quash what’s going on because they need to know that the police care, and the police need to know the community cares.

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