Baker earning high marks from new coordinator

“He’s done everything I expect”

Alex Van Pelt

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It's been four months since Kevin Stefanski hired Alex Van Pelt as his first offensive coordinator with the Browns, and Van Pelt would like to, you know, get to work on the field.

“Obviously, as a staff coming in for the first time, not being in face to face situations with the players, that’s something that’s lacking right now,” Van Pelt said during a zoom meeting with reporters on Wednesday. “Building that chemistry.”

Yet, Van Pelt says that development is still slowly happening in the virtual world.

Not surprisingly, it starts with his quarterback. The Browns coaches didn't get to see Baker lead some of his teammates through an offseason workout down in Texas last month, but ... they do see it in the zoom meetings.

“He has done everything I expect from a starting quarterback,” Van Pelt said. “His work ethic is great. He jumps into other meetings, he’ll sit in a receivers meeting when they have them.”

Ah, the receivers. Of course one named popped up again. Odell Beckham Jr., who’s coming off the core surgery but is still a consistent presence in the meetings.

“He’s all in,” Van Pelt says. “He’s bought in, he’s been there (in the meetings), and it’s awesome. It’s good to have him there, and that’s a tribute to Kevin (Stefanski) and the guys who are buying into the program.”

But nothing replaces the work on the field. That'll come. Just not soon enough for a top assistant who's ready to lead this explosive offense.

“It is hard,” Van Pelt said. “It gets harder each week. Definitely dying to get everyone back in that building, get this thing going. I’m excited, can’t wait to get back.”

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