COVID-19 survivor delivered chocolate to his nurses at UH Portage Medical Center

COVID-19 survivor delivered chocolate to his nurses

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - COVID-19 survivor, Larry Davis, thanked his nurses by bringing them 15 lbs of chocolate.

“I have pledged to the people here at this hospital that I would not squander the opportunity that they have given me to continue living and do good stuff for as many people as I can and I’m starting with that today,” said Davis.

Davis was the first ICU COVID-19 patient at UH Portage Medical Center.

He says he doesn’t remember much about that time, but his nurses say he has left an everlasting impression on them.

Davis says he wants people to follow the safety guidelines regarding COVID-19 because he doesn’t want anyone to go through the scary health journey he went through.

“Continue with these precautions as much as you can.. you’ll have this disease before you know if you’re going to have a bad cough, a fever or your life will be threatened or worse.. taken from you,” said Davis.

Davis says the chocolate was just the small token of his appreciation, he plans to do even more for the nurses and their families in the future.

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