Metcalf agrees that Brees “missed the mark”

Says it would be hard to trust future HOF quarterback now

Metcalf agrees that Brees “missed the mark”
Saints quarterback Drew Brees is flanked by Michael Thomas and Teddy Bridgewater exiting the Superdome tunnel (Source: Mark LaGrange)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Saints quarterback Drew Brees says he "missed the mark" with his comment that he'd never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag.

Eric Metcalf, the former Browns star and member of our "Tailgate 19" team, agrees.

″Yeah, I believe he missed the mark," Metcalf told me during a Facetime interview. “I know he did. I think that his point is a valid point, that he respects the anthem and the flag, but what Black Lives Matter is talking about, and Colin Kaepernick talked about, and everyone is talking about is not the anthem or flag, it’s about social injustice, systemic racism.”

“Most of his teammates are black, and they’re seeing people go through racial oppression and they’re seeing people getting killed and murdered,” Metcalf said. “And you have Drew Brees not standing up for his teammates, and although it’s not his teammates getting murdered, they are his teammates’ brothers technically, because they’re thinking of it as black people.”

Metcalf says it would be tough to trust Brees now.

“I think it’d be hard,” Metcalf says. “You’re supposed to forgive and forget, but it’d be hard because, does he apologize if he doesn’t get the backlash?”

As for athletes continuing to protest, Metcalf says it’s necessary.

“When you talk about athletes and trying to keep them out of these political situations, you can’t,” Metcalf says. “Because while it may not happen to them, it might happen to someone they know, and then they have sons and daughters who may not have the same track as they did, so you’re trying to erase everything before it gets to your kids.”

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