Middleburg Heights and Parma Heights police searching for suspect in multiple home and car burglaries

Middleburg Heights and Parma Heights police searching for suspect in multiple home and car break ins

MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Middleburg Heights Police and Parma Heights Police are working together to find a suspect they believe is responsible for multiple home and car break-ins from Big Creek Parkway to Pearl Road.

Middleburg Heights Police Chief Ed Tomba said these have all been crimes of opportunity. In the cases of the home burglary, the suspect entered through open or cracked windows, and in all of these crimes, the only things stolen were cash and credit cards.

“Felt completely violated, absolutely,” said one of the burglary victims in Middleburg Heights.

She did not want to be identified because she is still shaken up.

She said she and her husband were fast asleep when someone entered their home through the kitchen window that she had left cracked open.

“We woke up early morning and noticed our front door was opened, and kind of looked in the kitchen and noticed our one window was wide open and somebody had gone through our stuff in the kitchen,” she explained. “My purse was in there. My purse was dumped open and from there we called the cops.”

She said she has been very anxious ever since.

“Very scared,” she told 19 News. “Stuff like that doesn’t happen in this area. I’ve lived here for 14 years and we’ve never had any issues with anything being broken into in this area.”

She said the crook stole some cash out of her purse. The thief also took her car keys and went in her car. Police told 19 News several other cars on the same block were also broken into. In those cases, the crook stole cash credit cards and a wallet.

“Parma Heights had similar incidents where some credit cards were taken and then those credit cards were used and they’re attempting to develop a suspect and working with our guys,” explained Chief Tomba.

Parma Heights Police are looking for a guy about 6-feet tall, who is believed to be driving a 2007 blue Saturn Vue.

“It’s a concern anytime someone would have the guts to go into somebody’s residence so it’s really just what we tell everybody, make sure your house is secure, don’t leave anything close to the window where someone could look and try to get in and take your property,” Chief Tomba said.

Chief Tomba is urging everyone to keep their windows closed and the homes and cars locked.

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