Brooklyn Centre resident fed up with illegal fireworks going off around the neighborhood

Brooklyn Centre resident fed up with illegal fireworks

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Connie Davis hears fireworks go off every single day in her Brooklyn Centre neighborhood.

It’s become the norm, but not for her pets who start experiencing anxiety.

Cleveland Police said that a notice about fireworks regulations was sent out to community members last week.

“These are people that had little businesses or were handy men, and it just kind of ballooned. I mean there are more people every night, and I can tell that it’s coming from all different parts of my neighborhood,” said Davis.

Shooting fireworks is still illegal in Ohio.

The Ohio House voted in favor of a measure that would allow fireworks any day or time.

Now the Ohio Senate has to vote.

Davis says she thinks this behavior is a reaction from the lockdown.

She tries her best to calm down her three rescue dogs at home through all the noise.

A resident in the West Boulevard area told 19 News that military veterans get distressed by this noise.

The Cleveland Police want everyone to be mindful because citations can be issued.

We made a request to Cleveland Public records to see how many complaints they have received about fireworks, but haven’t yet heard back.

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