Cleveland Indians prepare for Spring Training 2.0 next week

"Won't take it for granted" once baseball resumes

Chris Antonetti

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cleveland Indians President Chris Antonetti knows how frustrated baseball fans have been over the past few months, as Major League owners and players battled to find a solution and save the season.

He also knows how his players, manager and coaches feel, as they get ready to resume spring training next week.

They feel like he feels.

“How much we love baseball,” Antonetti told reporters during a Zoom meeting on Friday. “How much we all miss it, and how we won’t take it for granted when we all get back together and start playing again.”

That will happen on Wednesday, July 1.

For how long, though, nobody knows, as Covid-19 cases continue to rise again.

“We understand that there may come a point in time where circumstances dictate that we may not be able to play,” Antonetti said. “Obviously our hope is that the protocols we have in place will be sufficient enough to at least keep our players and staff healthy.”

Antonetti said he doesn’t know of any Indians player or coach who has opted out of playing this summer due to concerns.

He also said he isn’t sure if or when fans will be allowed in to watch the games.

“I think that’s really going to be up to the state of Ohio,” Antonetti said. “To give us some guidance on what they might be comfortable with.”

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