Some people in Ohio still denied COVID-19 tests, why?

Some people in Ohio still denied COVID-19 tests, why?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Two weeks ago, Gov. Mike DeWine announced that everyone in Ohio could finally get tested for COVID-19; no matter your age or whether you are showing symptoms.

When Robert Coffer heard that everyone in Ohio could get tested for coronavirus, he figured: why not?

“I think we all should, and I waited until I heard that we could all get them if we want to no restrictions, no reason,” explained Coffer.

So, he went on CVS’s website and tried to make himself an appointment for a self-swab test at their drive through.

“When I was done it said you do not qualify for a test, and I thought ‘huh?' Cause this is supposed to be available for everyone,” Coffer said.

So why was Coffer told he didn’t qualify? A pharmacist with a local CVS told 19 News that they only do the tests every 10 minutes so they cater to people with symptoms first and if its not busy they will test asymptomatic people.

“I didn’t know that you might be more successful going to this one than that one,” Coffer said.

So, what is the deal? Governor DeWine’s office told us that everyone can get at test at their pop-up testing centers. The next one in Northeast Ohio is in Canton on June 29 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., but Coffer thinks testing needs to be more widely available.

“I’m under the impression though that a pop-up site, if that’s what they are, is only gonna be for one day so how are you guaranteed that you’re gonna be able to go there and get one? If there are many other people that are gonna do it and if the pop-up sites will all give free tests then everybody’s gonna flock to them,” Coffer said.

The governor’s office said they are encouraging all pharmacies and private testing centers to give everyone a test, but ultimately that decision is up to the individual company.

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