Anderson: ‘never around anything racial’ in clubhouse

Former Indians pitcher listening to others' experiences

Anderson: ‘never around anything racial’ in clubhouse

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Baseball has some catching up to do. 

When it comes to this season. 

And when it comes to its fans. 

And when it comes to minorities. 

Rockies outfielder Ian Desmond, who is biracial, is the latest to shine a light on the issues, with a lengthy and emotional Instagram post that points out how baseball has abandoned inner-city kids, how racist and other inappropriate jokes fly around clubhouses, and how Black executives and managers are almost non-existent in Major League baseball. 

Former Indians pitcher and current Rays TV analyst Brian Anderson has spent nearly 30 years in and around Major League clubhouses.

He says a player had better have thick skin, but ... he never saw or heard it get racial. 

"I was never really around anything that you would deem racial, or anything that would go down that road, that was wholly inappropriate and wrong," Anderson told me during a zoom meeting. "I never saw that. I did see some guys take some (verbal) beatings, myself included, especially in my younger years."

Desmond's points are on-target, though, when it comes to his experiences and how baseball is failing minorities. 

"There are a lot of people, as you see the civil unrest and what's happened here over the last month, month and a half, that are starting to vent about their experiences," Anderson says. "From all corners."

Desmond, with concerns for his pregnant wife and four young children, has decided to sit this season out. 

But his voice is being heard. 

“Everybody has their reasonings on why they’re gonna play or not play,” Anderson says. “And it seems as though Ian Desmond had a lot of different reasons.”

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