Mask requirement at Berea ice cream shop has triggered some tantrums

Mootown Creamery owner stunned that some people have become unnerved when asked to wear a mask in her store.
Updated: Jun. 30, 2020 at 10:27 PM EDT

BEREA, Ohio (WOIO) - The biggest decision you usually have to make in an ice cream shop is sprinkles or no whipped cream, but that has all changed at an ice cream shop in Berea.

Angela Brooks, owner of Mootown Creamery, has made it store policy that anyone coming in, employees or customers, must wear a mask. So, either the decision is: put on a mask, or wait outside and someone will take your order.

Some people are not taking that well.

“We’ve had everything from customers stomping their feet, slamming the doors, screaming and yelling, cussing at the girls, calling them names, it’s been awful,” Brooks said.

Most customers simply step outside and order or returning customers will simply order on line and get curbside service, but all too often there have been incidents that almost required calling police to the store.

It has led Brooks to spend way more hours than normal at her store, and she is concerned for her employees, most of whom are teenagers.

“They’re going in the bathroom to cry or they’re crying on the way home, or they’re calling me in tears because they don’t know how to handle the situation,” Brooks said.

Brooks understands that wearing a mask is not a mandate in Ohio, and respects the rights of those who don’t want to wear a mask, she just wishes those same people would respect her right to require a mask at her business.

Allison Younger was in the shop, with a friend, mask on, in line, ordering.

“It’s really up to you where you go. no one is forcing you to go anywhere,” Younger said. “So if a mask isn’t your thing, just don’t come somewhere that requires you to wear one.”

Brooks said she gets the stress we’re all feeling now, but can’t excuse some of the behavior she has seen, over what she sees as a simple request to wear a mask in her shop.

“I think we’re just kind of reaching that boiling point and people are starting to snap,” she said.

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