UPDATE: ’Back to school’ guidelines unveiled by Gov. Mike DeWine Thursday

1,301 new COVID-19 cases, 27 deaths reported over last 24 hours in Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Guidelines for going back to school are expected from Gov. Mike DeWine on Thursday.

We’ve seen some school districts like Akron begin to work on plans that they can shift around to meet the guidelines.

National experts say that’s good, there’s no way the governor can give out a “one-size-fits-all” plan for going back to school.

Ken Trump is the president of National School Safety and Security Services.

Right now, the majority of his business is in emergency planning, using his expertise to figure out if and how schools can safely welcome students back.

“Be ready to start one way, and be ready to pivot in the weeks or months after,” he said.

The re-opening plans are something he’s been working on since the day schools closed. But, he fears not all administrators are moving on plans.

“We’re concerned that a lot of schools are waiting on a template or checklist to come from the government, and it’s going to be very generic when they get it,” Trump said.

He says schools will have a lot of work to do to fill in blanks purposefully left in the state’s guidelines, because what works in rural schools will be different from what works in city schools.

They'll have to figure out operational things like busing, new ways to safely carry out protocols for emergencies like lock downs.

“Guidance from state and federal government will be very general, very broad non specific. And, it’s going to not only be up to each individual school district, but each individual school to get down in the details to figure out how things are going to work in their school building and community,” Trump said.

19 News is also looking into what parents can be doing now to prepare their kids for what’s to come.

We’ll have that story Thursday evening as a part of our total team coverage after the governor speaks.

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