June 2020 was warmer and drier than average:

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - May brought us everything but the kitchen sink, as it often does, but June delivered warmer-than-average temperatures and less-than-average rainfall.

The average temperature for this June was 70 degrees.

A "normal" average temperature for the month of June in Cleveland is 69.2 degrees.

June also featured a lack of rainfall across the area.

We only accumulated 2.36 inches of rain at Cleveland-Hopkins in June.

Typically, we see around 3.43 inches of rain in June in Cleveland.

That leaves us with a deficit for the month of 1.07 inches.

Akron-Canton also finished the month with less rain than a typical June.

They only picked up 2.99 inches of rainfall, leaving them with a deficit of 0.84 of an inch.

Every Thursday, we get an updated Drought Monitor for the Buckeye State.

Due to a lack of rain through the month of June, portions of northern and western Ohio are now considered to be "Abnormally Dry" by drought standards.

Drought Monitor
Drought Monitor (Source: Drought Monitor)

We will get a brand new, updated Drought Monitor on Thursday, July 2nd.

So, will the first week of July bring us any relief from these dry conditions?

Unfortunately, no.

Other than an occasional, isolated lake breeze rain shower, we are forecasting little to no rainfall over the next several days.

Isolated, pop-up afternoon thunderstorms will return to the forecast starting next Monday.

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