Zimmer hoping for bounce-back season

Former first-round pick needs at-bats

Bradley Zimmer

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Bradley Zimmer came into the Majors with a bang. His hard-charging style in center field reminded Tribe fans of another talented outfielder who covered all ground but also took his lumps: Grady Sizemore.

And like Sizemore, Zimmer paid the price. A shoulder injury two years ago knocked the former first-round pick out and eventually into surgery. He's had only 13 at-bats since.

"It's tough," Zimmer said Tuesday during a zoom meeting. "I wish injuries upon nobody. It's a brutal time, to miss being on the field, but it gives you encouragement once you are healthy and being back to where I can be."

That is supposed to be this summer, but of course, nothing is normal this summer. Zimmer was supposed to start in the minors, but there is no minor league baseball. And a 60-game season may not offer a lot of at-bats to a player who needs 'em the most.

“It is what it is,” Zimmer said. “That’s the way the season’s gonna be this year, and you adapt. I’m prepared as I can be. I’m ready to make an impact.”

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