Why the Browns are paying Garrett sooner than later

$125 million may seem cheap in a few years
Updated: Jul. 15, 2020 at 2:59 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - $125 million is a lot of money for you and me. Heck, it's a lot of money for anybody.

So why did the Browns feel the need to dish it out to Myles Garrett now?

Because in just a few years, they're gonna feel like they got off cheap.

”They’ve got two years left on that rookie contract,” Mike Ginnitti of Spotrac, a website that analyzes pro player contracts, told me. “So they didn’t have to do this. So, this is throwing him a bone, and if it’s that impactful with $100 million guaranteed, then it says a lot about who they think he’s gonna be.

”Him signing early is questionable on both sides, because by Year 3, it might be cash that the Browns are happy to pay out in a salary cap that could be $250 (million).”

This is just the first of many payouts the Browns would be happy to make, if things work out.

To Baker. And to Kareem. Or to Nick Chubb. Chances are, they won't be paying both backs.

”Chubb’s gonna want to wait,” Ginnitti says. “He’s not gonna take a contract this offseason (with one year left on his rookie deal). “He’s gonna wait a year, he’s gonna hope that they choose him over Kareem Hunt to get paid and he gets a franchise tag at the very minimum.”

But for all the hype about the offense, it's the defense, specifically Garrett, that the Browns are banking on.

”This is a team that could completely blow up next year,” Ginnitti says. ”If Baker’s a miss, they’re gonna start out over there, they’ve got decisions on Chubb and Kareem Hunt. Their entire offense is kind of hit and miss. Even Beckham Jr. and Landry have options after this. This is forming the defense starting with him (Garrett), and hoping the defense can carry this team if the offense takes a step back like it did last year.

”They’re probably thinking this is gonna be a bargain for them. It looks huge right now, it looks gigantic. The guaranteed money the entire difference at $100 million, but by Year 3 or 4, even with these edge-rusher contracts, players are pricing out. So Myles Garrett might hate this deal in three years.”

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