Garrett continues to share the wealth

NFL star paid for funeral of slain Louisville chef
Updated: Jul. 16, 2020 at 1:48 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Myles Garrett already has big plans for part of his signing bonus.

New home for his family. New car for himself.

But the Browns defensive end was already sharing his wealth, before his new contract.

Last month, he reached out to pay for the funeral of Louisville chef David McAtee, who was shot and killed by law enforcement officers during a protest.

He also tried to pay for David Dorn's funeral, the retired St. Louis police captain who was gunned down.

“I was very taken aback by something like that,” Garrett said during a zoom meeting with reporters on Thursday. “I really wanted to reach out and help where I could. It was kind of about those stories that reached me personally and touched me on a deeper level.

“The work is not done. There are still things I am trying to do here in Cleveland and even back home in the DFW area (Dallas Forth-Worth) to improve the situations of the people I have grown up with and people who I know have been affected, and even those who I have not met and can’t reach yet.”

His work on the field is far from finished as well. Especially as the ink dries on that $125 million deal, a deal that puts him ahead of Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald, both former NFL Defensive Players of the Year.

“I already felt I was in their league, and now that they have put that banner on me that I am the highest paid, I have to insert myself as the top dog,” Garrett said. “I feel like I am confident and ready to do that.”

He’s already in another unique category. The only Browns first-rounder, out of a dozen chosen from 2011-2017...we’re talking Johnny Manziel, and Trent Richardson, and Jabril Peppers, etc etc. ... to sign a second deal with the team.

“There was no reservation for me,” Garrett says. “I kind of like that the history is what it is because it will only make it so much sweeter when we turn this thing around and actually start winning big games, winning playoff games and finally getting to that last one. I would like to be a part of that. I would like to lead the pack for that. Whenever we do that, whether it starts this next year or however many years it takes, I want to lead Cleveland to that promised land.”

He does that, he'll forever be known for something more than the rep that attached last November. The helmet swing. Fair or not, that image sticks. For how long, who knows?

“My life is much bigger than one moment. Me, the Browns and my teammates are going to look past that and go on to greater success. That will just be a small bump in the road.”

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