How have some nursing homes remained Covid-free like this one in Wayne County, Ohio?

How have some nursing homes remained Covid-free like this one in Wayne County, Ohio?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - We continue to track the latest numbers on Covid-19 cases in nursing homes.

The Ohio Department of Health reports 7,973 residents have tested positive and 3,987 staff have had the virus since April 15.

More than 2,100 nursing home residents have died.

About 70% of Covid-19 deaths in Ohio are nursing home residents.

But some facilities haven't had a single case.

A Wayne County nursing home told 19 Investigates the key was acting quickly once the pandemic hit.

And a hard working staff continues to keep everyone safe.

Despite the sad news we often hear coming out of nursing homes over the past few months, some say there are bright spots.

“There is so much good that has been going on,” said Amanda McAdow, the administrator at JAG Healthcare Burbank--a nursing home near Lodi.

They haven't had a single case of Covid-19.

“So we keep saying that we remain realistically hopeful that we will continue to stay positive. We know that in a second that could change,” McAdow said.

All Burbank staff members enter through one door, get questioned for symptoms and get their temperature checked every day.

“And our staff here have been great. Not just at work, but being mindful outside of work,” said Jennifer Rickett, director of nursing.

They've had a good supply of PPE through their company and sister facilities share with each other when needed.

They said staff take vital signs daily on every patient and resident activities haven't stopped.

But they look different now, they are socially distanced.

“I think as everyone got more comfortable with the fact that this is not going to be a sprint, this is a marathon,” McAdow said.

Indoor visits may have stopped, but she said they found a way to keep families connected.

“We have so many involved loved ones and friends who have continued to show up here and visit through the window, or through a closed door,” McAdow said.

She said every nursing home is at risk for the virus, no matter how prepared they are.

That’s due to their vulnerable population and asymptomatic spread of the virus.

“I don’t think any of us can say, just because a facility has a Covid-19 outbreak, that they’ve done anything wrong,” McAdow said.

But she hopes the death rate will start declining because they're learning how to better manage that risk.

“We’re hopeful we can catch any infection early and be able to manage it properly and in the best way that we can,” McAdow said.

The Ohio National Guard recently helped administer testing at JAG Burbank for about 100 people, including 94 employees, two residents who requested to be tested and four hospice employees who visit the facility.

They have up to 86 resident rooms there.

Many families are just five days away from visiting their loved ones again outside of nursing homes.

JAG Burbank is waiting closer to that date of July 20, when visitation can begin, to release its plans.

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