North Royalton business owner hires tutor to help her employees’ kids on days they are not in school

North Royalton business owner hires tutor to help her employees’ kids on days they are not in school

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A North Royalton small business owner is aiming to keep employees at work even if their kids aren’t in their classrooms.

The businesswoman and mom recognized if she’s going to keep her employees working, they’re going to need additional support this school year.

Instead of making them figure out how to get it, Rachael Schaffran is stepping up herself.

“Like the rest of this pandemic, we’re just rolling with it,” she said. “No one has ever done this before, so we’re rolling through it.”

Her kids go to North Royalton Schools.

The district, like many others in Northeast Ohio gave parents a choice for the fall.

They can opt for their kids to do all their work online, or they can participate in a hybrid plan.

“I understand the plan and I know they’re trying to do what’s best for the kids while keeping everybody safe,” she said.

The district’s hybrid plan changes based on the level of emergency the community is facing.

At this point, it appears students enrolled with likely go to school in person two days and spend the rest of the week learning online.

“My first thought is OK, how can we accommodate this?” she said.

Schaffran’s family owns the York Road Auto Repair shop in North Royalton.

Some of her employees have young kids who can't stay at home alone.

“It’s challenging. It’s hard to keep your focus on the business and keep things going for everybody and make sure that kids are getting the most out of their learning experience,” she said.

She’s been thinking of a way to help not only her kids, but her employees kids too.

There’s only a handful of them, but they range from kindergarten to tenth grade.

“We don’t have a business without our employees,” Schaffran said. “So, what is the best way we can support them so that they can come to work and be successful here too?”

Schaffran has solution for now.

She’s setting up her shop’s conference room as a socially distanced classroom.

And, she’s going to hire a tutor on her own dime to oversee the school work assigned to each child.

“It is what it is, and all we can do is adapt to is the best we can and make the best of it,” she said.

Maybe it will work, and maybe other employers will consider doing something similar to keep the communities economy going.

“If its an idea that works for other businesses that would be fantastic,” she said.

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