Ohio City thieves caught on camera trying to cover up their tracks

Alleged Ohio City AC thieves caught on camera trying to cover up their tracks

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Some brazen thieves were caught on camera casing an Ohio City home early Wednesday morning.

At around 8:30 a.m. two men were caught on a ring doorbell camera checking out the home on West 40th street. The men are seen walking through the fence and into the backyard of the home.

“When they came back, they kind of looked around the front porch. They then were acting suspicious,” Aaron, the homeowner said. “They moved their car. They came back and did it again the exact same process of looking and then leaving.”

What appears to be the same two men are seen on camera once again a few hours later, now wearing what looks like fluorescent construction worker vests. Aaron owns the home but rents it out. He was watching from his ring doorbell camera as one of the men approached the front door with a pair of pliers

“And just ripped the doorbell right off and which the camera went off,” said Aaron. “I was about 20 minutes away at the time, so I drove over here. When I got here, these gates were open, the doorbell was gone.”

When Aaron arrived his fairly new $2,000 air conditioner unit was gone.

“So, between that and the $200 doorbell that my neighbor found a few blocks away that was destroyed. It was kind of a pretty expensive little morning we had here today.”

Aaron said his tenant wasn’t home at the time. He reported the crime to the police and is hoping someone will recognize the crooks

“I’m extremely frustrated, you know,” he said. “I don’t know if they’re gonna sell it or put it at their own house. Stealing is not right, and hopefully justice can be served.”

Aaron does plan on replacing the A/C unit but for now his tenant will be without air conditioning. He says when he does replace it, he is going to put it in a metal cage with locks on it.

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