Witnesses come forward in court after brutal Olmsted Falls murder

Witnesses come forward after brutal Olmsted Falls murder

OLMSTED FALLS, Ohio (WOIO) - Alicia Redden remembered the terrifying noises she heard on a cold winter night back in 2019.

“We heard what sounded like someone falling down the stairs since our stairs do mimic each other on the sides of the walls, and then there was a child screaming and dead silence. Right after that we heard eight to 10 popping noises and silence again,” she said.

Prosecutors say 26-year-old Nathaniel Edwards was killed inside a Olmsted Falls condominium complex.

Rosemary Ulee says she was working at a nearby convenience store & remembered seeing a woman come in.

She was hysterical and screaming someone was going to shoot her.

Ulee called 911 to get her help.

911: What is his name?

Woman: "Toine I don't know his full name."

Police say Toine is 25-year-old Antoine Pollard, and he fired the shot that killed Edwards.

An investigator took the stand, saying there were several blood stains found on Edwards shirt and pants.

Prosecutors say this likely started after an argument at a party.

The trial resumes on Thursday.

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