White House plans to send federal officers to Cleveland to combat crime, but city claims it hasn’t been told about it

Can Trump legally deploy federal agents to Cleveland?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The White House listed Cleveland among the U.S. cities that will see government action to restore safety and peace.

Cleveland was not mentioned in President Donald Trump’s address announcing the initiative on Wednesday, but it was in the plan laid out on the White House website.

However, the City of Cleveland leaders claim they have not been told about any such action taking place.

The announced action is part of the expansion of Operation Legend, which is an interagency law enforcement effort to put an end to “the unacceptable levels of recent violence in U.S. cities.”

“My first duty as President is to protect the American people, and today I am taking action to fulfill that sacred obligation,” President Trump said.

White House officials said the Justice Department plans to expand the initiative into Cleveland over the next three weeks.

The Justice Department will provide more than $61 million to hire hundreds of new police officers, and about 200 federal agents and deputy marshals to be permanently reassigned throughout the Operation Legend cities.

“We will never defund the police—we will hire more great police,” President Trump said. “We want to make law enforcement stronger, not weaker. What cities are doing is absolute insanity.”

However, the City of Cleveland released the following statement on Wednesday night, regarding the possibility of additional law enforcement resources coming to the city:

“The City of Cleveland has not been made aware of any additional federal law enforcement resources coming to the city. The Cleveland Division of Police has in the past and will continue to partner with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to combat violent crime in our neighborhoods. In January of this year, the Division of Police announced the Relentless Pursuit Initiative, which is designed to combat violent crimes in our neighborhoods with our federal, state and local partners.

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