Ohio school districts are trying to show flexibility by individualizing school restart plans

University Hospitals doctor sees the value in districts working to identify the best possible plan for their community.

Ohio school districts are trying to show flexibility by individualizing school restart plans

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - If your head is spinning from the sheer volume of school reopening plans that are being introduced across Northeast Ohio, you are not alone.

But Dr. Claudia Hoyer, who is the co-director of Infection Control at University Hospitals, sees all these individual plans as a positive, as schools plan for what will work best.

“For those school districts that can try and think that they are able to do it, I think, it’s the best we can do in this situation and we should try,” Dr Hoyer said.

Click here for UH’s Healthy Restart Playbook.

That said, Dr. Hoyen says she completely understands the decision made by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and Akron Public Schools, to start the year from a remote standpoint, as she sees that decision merely as what the district feels is the best option for starting the school year, not a referendum on how the entire school year may progress.

“It’s not ideal, none of this is ideal,” she said. “We understand and I think that people are really just trying to weight the risks and balances.”

University Hospitals created what they call the Healthy Restart Playbook to aid schools in the process of working through the best options for the reopening of school.

The Playbook covers everything from the basics of wearing masks and social distancing to how to talk to your children about what can be a pretty frightening issue for young children.

Dr. Hoyer is encouraged by Gov. Mike DeWine’s assertion that cases of Covid-19 have plateaued across the state and believes that result is due to people across the state wearing masks, and encourages everyone to continue to wear masks while out in public.

“Do it so the children can go to school and stay in school because its really important to their growth development and education,” Dr. Hoyer said.

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