July was one of the warmest on record in Cleveland; it was the warmest ever in Akron

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - From a weather standpoint, July 2020 will be remembered for being two things: hot and dry.

Out of 31 days, 25 of them featured above average temperatures in Cleveland.

In Akron, 29 days had above average temperatures.

Over the course of the month, we recorded 10 days with a high temperature of 90 degrees or higher in Cleveland.

Akron recorded 16 days with a high temperature of 90 degrees or hotter.

Typically, we see 8 to 10 90 degree plus days in a year.

We definitely over-performed this year.

Did we make history though?

We did.

In Cleveland, the average temperature in July was 76.8 degrees.

That makes July 2020 the 8th warmest on record in Cleveland.

In Akron, the average temperature in July was 78.2 degrees.

That actually makes July 2020 the warmest on record in Akron.

Hey, if it's going to be hot, we might as well make history.

We are living on a warming Earth, after all, and I expect us to see many more Julys like this one.

From a precipitation perspective, it was not just a dry July but it's been a dry Summer.

We finished the month of June with just 2.36 inches of rain at Cleveland-Hopkins.

In a “typical” June, we accumulate about 3.43 inches.

July was also dry, especially for those who live south of Cleveland.

We only accumulated 1.80 inches of rainfall in Akron the entire month.

Typically, July brings about 4.08 inches of rainfall to that area.

That leaves us with a rainfall deficit for the month of 2.28 inches in Akron.

The final Drought Tracker for the month of July highlighted many areas across northern Ohio as either in a "Moderate Drought" or as being "Abnormally Dry."

Cleveland is considered "Abnormally Dry," given the dry start to the month.

In Cleveland, we did not see any rain for the first nine days of July.

By the 20th, we’d only managed to get 0.97 inches of rainfall at Hopkins.

Just a few days later on July 23rd, we accumulated 2.91 inches of rainfall due to slow moving showers and storms that set up right by the airport and western and central Cuyahoga County.

That 2.91 inches was the most rain we’ve seen at Hopkins in one day since June 24th, 2014.

Had it not been for the storms we saw on the 23rd, we would have only finished the month with 2.22 inches of rainfall in Cleveland.

Instead, we’ll round out July 2020 with 5.13 inches, giving us a monthly surplus of 1.79 inches.

In the meteorology profession, we call that a drought buster.

As August begins this weekend, we must look forward to the last month of Meteorological Summer, when the golden glow of Summer sun begins to fade and the days grow shorter and shorter.

I expect August 2020 to begin on a much wetter note than July.

We are forecasting scattered storms today, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

This is wonderful news for all of the lawns and gardens that suffered through June and July.

We receive data for a new Drought Tracker each Thursday, and I do expect drought conditions to have improved by then.

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