Brecksville-Broadview Heights Board of Education votes to disregard Cuyahoga County health officials’ advice on reopening

The decision came after a protest by parents, students, and teachers outside of the board meeting to put kids back in class

Brecksville Broadview Heights Schools vote to disregard County Board of Health’s recommendations

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Parents, students, and even some teachers from the Brecksville Broadview Heights City Schools came out to make their voices heard Monday afternoon.

“I believe that with the sanitary measures that are gonna be taken, and with the guidelines and the rules, that my child is safe in school,” said Angie Monateri, who has two kids at the elementary school.

A majority of these parents want kids back in class full time, and for sports and extracurriculars to be allowed, which goes directly against the guidance of the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

On Monday, the school board voted to disregard that advice; making them one of the first districts in the county to do so.

“I prefer in-person education for the social and emotional growth that the children have in the classroom is all part of the learning process,” explained Monateri. “The learning process is so much more than a book and a chrome book. It’s making decisions with your peers.”

At this point the district has decided to go with a hybrid plan, but parents still have the option to go fully virtual.

“I just fundamentally disagree with this approach,” said Rebecca Ferrante-Cracker, who has children at the middle school and high school. “All it takes is like two kids to shut the school back down and I think what we should be doing is spending our time developing the best online program that we can.”

The school’s start date was pushed to Sept. 8. Students will be allowed to participate in sports and extracurricular activities if they choose.

“I just think that’s the wrong approach,” said Ferrante-Cracker. “I think that we all care about our students we all want the best. I think the only way out of this thing is if we make the hard decisions now, shut down for a period of time like the experts are suggesting.”

The school board will be meeting with the teacher’s union on Tuesday. It is not clear if teachers will have a choice to opt out of in-person teaching

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