Middleburg Heights neighborhood rattled after multiple break-ins

The suspect entered 3 homes by removing screens and entering through open windows.

Middleburg Heights Police report multiple home break-ins

MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Middleburg Heights Police are hoping that evidence found during their investigation will lead to an arrest after three homes were burglarized early Monday morning.

Police say a suspect entered three homes on Big Creek Parkway, through open windows until one homeowner confronted him, forcing him to run away.

Amanda Thomspson lives just a couple of houses down from one of the crime scenes, and she wasn’t surprised when she heard about the break-ins.

“I was outside on my back porch about 12:30 a.m., and I felt like someone was watching me,” Thompson said. ”I kept hearing footsteps, so i just went inside.”

Thompson’s neighbor told her that she had also heard someone walking around and assumed it was Thompson and her family, but it was clear that it was the suspect.

“When we checked this morning our whole porch was torn up, chairs turned over, went through boxes and things and my ID was stolen out of my car,” she said.

Some people in the neighborhood told 19 News that they saw multiple police cars chasing someone, and some saw officers on foot with flashlights looking for something or someone.

Police have not confirmed that they were involved in any type of chase, but are recommending that residents make sure that they turn on exterior lighting overnight and make sure that all windows and doors are locked.

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