Can voting be done safely in Ohio during the coronavirus pandemic?

Can voting be done safely in Ohio during the coronavirus pandemic?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Henry Thomas exercised his right to vote at Maple Heights High School.

A tax renewal was on the ballot, but an even bigger issue was on everyone’s mind: safe social distancing at the polls.

Thomas says he felt comfortable and safe.

“It’s pretty safe, it’s not really bad,” he said.

Anthony Perlatti from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections said a number of things are being done to make sure the risk to your health is minimal while you make your choices as a citizen.

“What we’ve done today is that we’ve set this up with social distancing in mind keeping in consideration how we need to keep the poll place sanitized, coworkers & voters safe,” Perlatti added.

As 19 News saw firsthand today, every voting station had hand sanitizer.

And the voting booths are spread six feet apart from one another.

Crews also clean up after each voter finishes up.

Perlatti says this is a just a preview of what most polling locations will look like on the big day in November.

“What we do is we took an approach from when someone enters the door until they leave, and so things like when you came in the door was open so people don’t have to touch the handles,” he added.

The poll workers you can see here are wearing masks and shields.

Different techniques are being used to sign the poll books.

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