Homeschooling may grow in popularity as pandemic drags on

Parents who may be intimidated by trying to put a homeschooling program together now have some help.

Homeschooling may grow in popularity as pandemic drags on

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Homeschooling your kid may seem like an incredible challenge, but letting your kid walk into a school building this year may be the impetus some parents need to start looking into such a plan.

Anne Crossman is the founder of Home School Expert, which you can find at She was home-schooled and then earned degrees from Duke and Stanford in education, and her business exists to give parents the basics of homeschooling.

“It’s not actually curriculum, it’s teaching parents how to teach, so that no matter in what way they end up schooling at home, during Covid, they’re going to be set,” Crossman said.

The Ohio Department of Education reports they are receiving a significantly larger number of requests, almost a dozen a day, regarding home schooling information.

Crossman believes her program, which includes a series of videos, can help parents understand their children’s learning preferences, create a flexible learning schedule and ultimately pick the proper curriculum.

“There are really creative ways to make this work for families who are being forced into homeschooling by Covid,” she said.

There has been a bit of a stigma to homeschooling, Crossman acknowledges, but she believes that as more people look at homeschooling as an option during Covid they will see the process as beneficial.

She also understands the reluctance of parents, busy parents, who just may not believe they have the time or energy to get this done.

“You can do this,” she said. “And we’re here to help you. There are all kinds of resources and tools to use to make this as hands on or hands off as parents want it be.”

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