Teen says he was aggressively arrested by Euclid Police, but department argues otherwise (video)

Teenager aggressively arrested and injured by Euclid police

EUCLID, Ohio (WOIO) - The family of Armontay Anderson is extremely upset about a video showing how his arrest was handled.

Anderson said during a news conference on Tuesday that he didn’t do anything wrong. The 17-year old says he was kneed in the groin by an officer during an arrest on Monday afternoon.

Anderson says he was at a vigil for a friend who recently died.

Police responded to that same area, for a report of shots fired. Anderson was with one friend, who took off running when officers arrived.

“I stood on the sidewalk on the side...and as I’m standing on the side, I guess the police officers noticed that I was with him when he ran, but I didn’t run,” says Anderson.

Soon after, Anderson was arrested.

“You hear me asking him, ‘What am I being detained for?’ And he immediately kicked me right in the private area, and throws me in the car. I have handcuffs on. I can’t do nothing. He throws me in the backseat of the car,” he said.

Euclid Police released a statement on Tuesday evening, telling a different side to this story.

The statement read in part, “The juvenile was brought to the open door of a marked police cruiser ordered to get in the back seat but he repeatedly refused to do so. As an Officer was standing face-to-face with the male, he spit on the Officer’s face. That Officer delivered a swift knee strike to the male’s front thigh, in order to cause him to bend forward, which the male did.”

Euclid Police Community Services Division Captain Mitchell Houser met with family representative, Cassandra McDonald, with both sides addressing the incident.

McDonald said, “The fact that he took the time out. I didn’t feel rushed and he heard my position, and I heard his. We have agreed to meet again at the end and during this investigation, and possibly do a press conference together to let the community know where we stand.”

Also in that incident report, it stated that Anderson will face pending misdemeanor charges in juvenile court.

The family says they might pursue legal action against Euclid PD, but that could change if the family has a chance to meet with Houser and Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer.

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