Cleveland continues to get municipal income taxes as many work remotely in suburbs now; bill introduced to change that

Legislature passed a bill earlier that kept money flowing to cities during pandemic

Ohio Senate bill looks at keeping tax dollars in cities where people physically work as less are commuting to jobs

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cities like Cleveland continue to get municipal income tax money despite the fact many workers don’t commute, but rather work from home.

“Why should your tax dollars be flowing into a city where you don’t even go,” said Ohio State Sen. Kristina Roegner, a Republican from Hudson. “ If you work in one municipality at home, that is where you tax dollars should go because that is where you’re using and benefiting from city services. It’s that simple.”

She introduced Senate Bill 352, which would override a bill signed into law earlier this year that kept money flowing into big cities despite more people working out of the house during the pandemic and fewer people traveling into cities.

“Big cities, they’re going to be opposed to this, naturally, because it’s going to take some scarce resources from them,” said Roegner.

She said she doesn’t see the debate ending when the pandemic does.

“Some people obviously will go back to the cities, but I think we’re going to see a lot more of this telecommuting and teleconferencing and ‘Zooming,’ and I think we’re going to have to adjust to this new world,” she said.

The Ohio Senate is currently on recess now and won’t be back in session until September.

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